May 6
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This is the first thing you will read when you enter the me4kidz website.

I was on the hunt for first aid kits, after my daughter’s preschool required her to have one in her earthquake kit.

We live in California, where earthquakes happen often, so the schools require this.

I went from store to store, only to find that the kits didn’t look child-friendly.  I wanted a kit that would appeal to my daughter, since we were getting it for her.

I was really disappointed in the choices out there, until I came across me4kidz, which stands for, medical emergencies for kids.

The Medibag 4 Kids was a kid friendly first aid kit that came in a red doctor’s bag. My daughter loved it because she felt like she could play doctor with it.

When opening the bag, it had a huge assortment of everything and anything you could possibly need.

My daughter and I went through each individual item and talked about its use.  It even included kid-friendly stickers.

me4kidz is a family-owned & operated business, which I love, and they give back to the community by having their products assembled by the disabled.  They also donate 10% of each purchase back to the disabled community.

Another great tidbit about the company is that, all their products are made in the US, which means they keeps jobs inside the US.

My daughter and I both gave a two thumbs up to the medibag.  It’s a functional, modern looking bag, that carries all your child’s emergency needs.  I would recommend it to any parents who are frustrated with trying to find a nice child-friendly emergency kit.   Plus, when you make a purchase, you’re supporting our nation’s economy.

For more information, regarding the products they have, as well as store locations, please go to me4kidz .

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