Storyland Yoga DVD: Perfect for The Travelling Yogi

I have to start out by saying that my 2 daughters (5 years old and almost 2 years old) love to do yoga.  Both my children knew how to do a downward dog at 6 months old which was way before they could even walk.

I use to do Mommy & Me yoga with my older daughter, but we stopped because my schedule couldn’t accomodate the mid-morning sessions anymore.  Shortly after we stopped, my daughter won the ABC Yoga for Kids as a raffle prize.

Even without my help, she would flip open her yoga book and go through all the poses by herself.  Once she got well acquainted with the poses, she started to teach her baby sister.

With anything, you want to have variety and options.  Whether it’s classes, books, online videos or DVDs, from time to time, you want to switch things up.  And when I got the chance to review the Storyland Yoga DVD, I was on it.

When travelling, I like to travel light, especially when I know that I will be travelling with two kids.  So anything that takes up the least space will make it on our carry-on.  The Storyland Yoga DVD was perfect because it hardly took up any space (since I was taking my laptop, I left it inside the DVD compartment).

Why my children and I enjoyed the Storyland Yoga DVD:

  • Your kids don’t always have to get into poses, they can watch it for the storytelling aspect.
  • Very easy to follow as the kids get into yoga poses that imitate animals.
  • Has a message about helping endangered species, which in turn helps the planet. 
  • Fun way for kids to get introduced to yoga.

On my vacation, whenever we had some downtime and I wanted a couple extra minutes to myself, I played this DVD for my children.  If there was one thing I wish they could improve, it would be the pacing.  The pacing was a little to slow for my kids (maybe because they’ve already done yoga before). 

While they quickly engaged, after 10 minutes or so, they started to wander off.  So instead of showing them the entire DVD, I actually ended up dividing it up in thirds and that definitely helped. 

I think this DVD is great for all children, but I think it’s perfect for kids who have never done yoga before.  The storytelling aspect of this DVD makes it easy and fun to follow and also teaches your children a lesson on the planet.  If you’re travelling, it gives your child an alternative activity to do while giving you some downtime!

(Disclosure: The DVD was provided for review purposes from the company and does not affect my views or feedback of the products.  This review is based solely on my personal opinion and experience and results may vary person to person.)

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