Jun 23
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With the whole iPod, iPhone, iTouch, iPad craze, it’s only appropriate that there is iStyle to spice up any iJunkie’s wardrobe the iWay.  I am not poking fun at the iLifestyle, only jealous that I probably should have started an iBusiness to make iCapital.  Okay okay, I’ll stop with my iLingo.  We all know how popular the whole line of iProducts from Apple are.  With that comes a whole other side of small businesses arising to meet the demands of the brand’s popularity. Meet iStyle Originals, a clothing and apparel company for the iGeneration.


iStyle Originals has everything from Adultwear, Nanowear (babies to children), Doggiewear, and Accessories line.  What is their style sense?  You guessed it, iWear.  They took the popularity of iProducts and made it wearable with the use of clever words to represent the iGeneration.  I think their Nanowear and Doggiewear are the cutest must have items, as it doesn’t get cuter than babies and dogs with an iText such as “iCute or iPaw’d” on them.

I was sent an iCuddle Baby Snapshirt and it was iCute at first sight.  Remember, these are not Haute Couture.  They are cute shirts and products to meet the demands of the evergrowing iGeneration.  Very simplistic basic shirts with an iText on them. I put the snapshirt on my baby and it was very cute, but still a little too big on her.  I would suggest go one size smaller for a better fit.  My daughter usually wears 12-18 months, but 6-12 months would have probably been a better fit for her.  The snapshirt came in a cute box made to fit the whole iLifestyle theme.

If you are looking to match your wardrobe with your iPersonality, definitely check out iStyle Originals.  The iCuddle snapshirt makes me want to cuddle my baby even more than I already do, how is that possible? For more info, go here.

(Disclosure: Product was provided free of charge to test and does not affect my views or feedback of the product.  This review is based solely on my personal opinion and experience and results may vary person to person.)

Jun 18
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If there is one thing I always have on hand in my diaper bag, it’s the Bamboo Leg HuggersMy mom bought these for me when I had my first child and it’s the one thing that I actually use all the time.  They are a must have item in my household, considering the varying temperature in Southern California (our mornings/nights are cold and days warm).  Most of the time my daughters are in tanks, t-shirts, and shorts because it’s regional appropriate.  However, when the clock strikes 5 pm, the weather tends to get a little chilly.  The soft leg huggers are such a life saver because when my daughter says she is cold, I can take those suckers out and she puts a pair on her legs and a pair on her arms.

I love the Bamboo Leg Huggers because they are 100% sustainable, breathable, UV Protective, odor resistent, antibacterial, chemical and pesticide free, and so very comfortable.  It has everything a parent wants and takes out everything a parent doesn’t want!  My daughter loves the leg huggers because she can pick out the designs that represent her style and therefore create her own fashion identity.  My 11month old baby started to wear the leg huggers since she was a newborn and it’s been so perfect and gentle on her knees, while she crawls away on our hardwood floors.

Both of my daughters love wearing their leg huggers.  I too love borrowing them from my daughters on my cold nights from sleeping.  They are super-soft and comfortable, and knowing that they are eco-friendly makes me a very happy mommy!

ptpalogo(Disclosure: This review is based solely on my personal opinion and experience and results may vary person to person.)

Jun 16
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When I think of gifts for men in general, I think of gadgets and something techie.  Just like diamonds are a girl’s best friend and cars are a man’s best friend, there are gifts that are suited for the sexes.  While buying my husband’s dream car for Father’s Day would be nice, it’s not something realistic for our pocket-less book.  So what are options B, C, and D?
With the economy in a recovery state, where the damage has been done, most consumers are purchasing gifts that are not only pleasurable but also functional, necessary, and usable on a daily basis.  For me, there are a couple criterias to be met when purchasing anything, especially gifts.  This Father’s Day, I have a couple things I am going by:

  • Price has to be right. Preferably on sale.
  • Something that I know my husband will really like, but something I will equally love (possibly borrow from him and make it cost effective).
  • The gift has to be something that can be used on daily basis.
  • Whatever my children and I decide to get, it has to be memorable.

So with all this in mind, I thought it was about time for my husband to put his scratched-up/drop-kicked Blackberry to rest and possibly move on to a better, faster, and hipper phone.  With phone companies constantly trying to out-do and 1-up eachother, buying a new phone is like buying a new car (maybe even harder).  Making the right decision for that perfect phone has become harder than ever.


Recently, I was able to test the new HTC HD2 from T-Mobile.  A very stylish smartphone that, I have to say, outdoes the design on the iPhone (trust me, I’ve compared it visually with my friend’s iPhone).  Besides the design of the phone, I love that the screen is large, like 4.3 inches large.  At first, I was overwhelmed with everything that was on the phone and was scared to touch anything because I didn’t know where to start.

As usual, the first thing I did was call some of my friends.  At the end of the day, I am buying a phone and it has to have good call quality.  I am happy to say that my friend on the other line said, “you sound so clear, what did you do?” and I could hear her very clearly that it put me at ease to know that I didn’t have hearlingloss.  Next, I tried out the camera.  I have children, so having the convenience of a good camera at the tip of my fingers it a definite must. The picture quality was impressive!

Living in today’s social media age, good internet (connect directly or through Opera Browser), direct Facebook and Twitter touchscreen access, and having Youtube Mobile is more than a convenience, it’s a necessity.  Having those options on the touchscreen page, saved me time and energy.  Plus, everything on the phone is superfast!  I tried using the GPS system and couldn’t figure it out because I was too lazy to look at the instruction manuals.  However, looking at how nice the phone rolled with me, I’m sure the GPS was a smooth operator as well.

Now, the smartphone has tons of other things.  The video camera, Blockbuster eReader, Marketplace, MobiTV, Guitar Hero, and the list goes on and on.  The phone is a little handheld computer/camera/camcorder/television/shopper/phone that comes to life with the tap or touch of your fingers.  Pretty much, you can have your whole life stored in it without having to go elsewhere.

I have to admit that I am sucker to visually appealing phones.  Don’t call me vain, I just love things that look just so.  Since I am a T-Mobile customer, this phone is definitely high on my list for a Father’s Day gift.  Don’t get your father another boring tie this year!!!

(Disclosure: T-mobile provided me with a review unit (loaner) & wireless service free of charge for a 2 week period for review purposes. This review is based solely on my personal opinion and experience and results may vary person to person.)

tmobilefathersNEWSBREAK!!!  T-Mobile wants to make your Father’s Day extra special.  Say goodbye to the boring tie and give your dad a phone that’s fly!!  On Saturday June 19th, 2010 for ONE DAY ONLY, EVERY PHONE IN THE STORE WILL BE FREE (*certain conditions to be met)!!!  Starting at 8 a.m., simply visit a T-Mobile retail store and switch to any family plan, or add a new line to an existing family plan, and walk out of the store with a new phone for every new line with a two-year agreement — customer’s choice — while supplies last.  This includes the HTC HD2, myTouch 3G Slide™, and Garminfone™.

*The offer is valid at T-Mobile owned and operated locations only. New activation on qualifying family plan with two-year agreement required. Limit five lines per family plan. Mail-in rebate and restrictions may apply. Store hours may vary. See store for details.

Jun 14
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I am always on the look out for cool looking baby products.  On a recent trip to a children’s store, I came across hoppop bato which is essentially a baby bath tub.  The design was very modern and chic, and it had my name all over it (or baby’s name).  The bath tub I have for my baby is usable and fully functional but I was never too thrilled about how it looked.

I love that the hoppop bato is literally a minature sized bath tub.  When my baby goes into the tub, it fits her perfectly and I love how it’s high enough to avoid potential accidents (such as baby going overboard and flipping over).  Plus, it’s wide enough for her to stretch her legs and have space for her hoppop Triplo bath toys.

The first day I received the bato, I took it out of the box (in my living room), filled it water, and put my baby in it.  Although it’s probably not suggested or recommended that you use your bato in the living room, I didn’t have any problems with it (such as leaking).  I put in her Triplo bath toys and she pleasantly sat there and played with them.

At first glance, it looks like a modern art piece (maybe even a sculpture).  You may even be fooled that it’s made of porcelein (looks heavy), but it’s not and it’s super light!  When the FedEx guy came, I made him carry the box into my front entrance.   For a second I thought he was giving me some attitude.  Once I carried the box into the living room, I was like why does this box feel like nothing?

I love everything about the hoppop bato and the Triplo toys.  The only suggestion I have for the company is to create a size big enough for a preschooler to fit in.  The suggested maximum weight was 50lbs and up to 2 years old, so I had to restrain my preschooler from potentially breaking the bato.  She was upset that she didn’t get her own mini-tub, but she asked me to ask hoppop, if they could make her one too (just in her size).

(Disclosure: Product was provided free of charge for review purposes and does not affect my views or feedback of the product.  This review is based solely on my personal opinion and experience and results may vary person to person.)

Jun 10
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My husband and I purchased my SUV in 2006, a month before our first child was due.  We wanted a strong reliable car that would protect our children, if we ever got into a car accident.  The problem was that the car had problems from the get go. 

We purchased the car new and was scammed on pricing because we fell into the trap “how much can you afford a month?”. My husband wanted to walk away from the deal but I wanted to make the purchase because I was convinced that the baby would come sooner and the car we had was not ideal for a baby.

After purchasing the new vehicle, my husband and I came home and looked at each other like it was a big mistake.  Nothing felt right about it and on top of it, there were additional costs added on that we didn’t even know of.  At the time, I didn’t know we could return the car after purchasing it and thought it was a decision I had to live with. 

A few weeks after purchasing the car, the rear brake lights went out.  How did I find out?  The Santa Monica PD stopped me at night and gave me a FIX IT ticket.  I took it to an auto shop and replaced the light.  After I got that replaced, a couple months down the line my husband said that my brake lights went out again.  So then I called the dealership to let them know what was going on and they told me to bring it in.  They looked at the car, test drived it, and said that they were going to look at the electricals.

So hours after inspecting my car, they said that it was a steering wheel alignment issue (are you kidding me?).  On top of that, they didn’t write up my issues on paper or even note that I came in that day (probably because they sold me a Lemon).  Their reason?  When I brought the car in, the lights were fully functional, so they couldn’t write up something that was working.  Really?  So pretty much I should be stopped by another cop for a malfunctioning brake light and then bring it in when it is broke.  Plus, it’s a new car, shouldn’t the lights last years not a couple months.

So after having problems with my brake lights for the third time and my brakes working improperly, I took it into the dealership again.  They did their hours of inspection only to find out that my brakes needed a disc replacement.  In their service papers they wrote about the brake disc needing a replacement but failed to write about the brake lights.  Everytime I went in, I felt like they were more about covering up their tracks rather than giving me the best service.

Flashforward to a couple weeks ago when my brakes did not work on the highway.  To be precise, my brakes accelerated when I tried to stop it.  Both my kids were in the back seat and my 4 year old said, “Mommy that was really scary.”  A half a year prior to that happening, the same thing happened on a local street but I thought it was because the car hit a bump or a hole.  However, when it happened on the highway, it was really scary (I could not sleep for days thinking about it).  The next day I had to leave on our vacation, so I waited to call the dealership until I came back.

When I came back, the first thing on my TO-DO list was to call the dealership.  They were very hard to reach and after a day or so, I finally got an email to bring the car in.  I told the service person in detail what was going on and he told me that they would drive it around and try to replicate the problem in order to fix the problem.  So I left the car with them, rented a car (on my own expense), and the next day I received a call saying that they couldn’t replicate the issue so the car was ready for pick-up.  After I received that call, I called the customer service number for the car manufacturer.  The gal behind the line was on a defensive mission, so I received no help, and went to pick up my unfixed car.  Basically, unless I buy a new car, I am waiting for a fatal accident to happen.  How is this legal?

So what do you think?  Do you think I bought a Lemon?

Jun 8
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I am by no means a germaphobe (that title belongs to my dear friend) but I like to make sure that my hands are clean, especially having kids.  It’s hard to keep your hands germ-free, but with frequent washes (throughout the day) you can avoid getting sick and spreading those germs.  Many people don’t know how to wash properly and until recent years, I did not know either.  Most people put there hands under running water, put some soap, then wash it off, and they are done.  Did you know that you should rub your hands vigorously for at least 20 seconds?  For proper hand washing instructions, please visit the Mayo Clinic site.

In conjunction with hand washing, having the right sanitizer is essential.  Before having children, I use to get hand sanitizers from Whole Foods and Trader Joes that came in a gel form.  Although they were great sanitizers and got the job done, I wanted something specific that my children could use. 

cleanwellOne day I took my preschooler to The Treehouse Social Club for her to play and while she was playing, I came across the Cleanwell All-Natural Hand Sanitizers.  Immediately, I took a sample and used it on my daughter.  I loved that it came in a compact spray and it didn’t have any striking alcoholic scent to it (alcohol-free).  More importantly, it’s safe for kids, non-toxic, readily biodegradable, naturally antibacterial, and never tested on animals!   Made with a patented formulation of essential plant oils proven to kill 99.99% of the germs that can make you sick.

The Cleanwell Hand Sanitizer makes its appearance in my daughter’s lunchbox everyday.  After she washes her hands, she sprays on her santizer, and then she eats her lunch.  Recently, I was told that she also sprays her fellow classmates’ hands as well.  My daughter is only 4 years old, but she uses it by herself without the assistance of an adult (very kid user friendly).  It makes my life easier, cleaner, and brighter!

For more information on where to get it, please go here. For my local Angelenos, I buy it at Target and Whole Foods.

Jun 4
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My neighbor next door came back from China (where she is originally from) and she was telling me about her experience with her new baby niece.  Since the time her sister found out she was pregnant, she asked me for advice on products, books, and misc items for her sister.  One thing I have to mention is that China has the one child policy meaning that you could only have one child.  More than one child results in a heavy fine only affordable to the Riches. 

With that law in place, every child in China is an only child.  For that reason, parents feel that they have one shot to get it right and do everything in their power to raise the best child they can.  Asians in general have an international pride about education.  The competition to get into top universities is like winning the lotto and trying to get into any university is almost as difficult (the odds are not in their favor).

One day my neighbor came over and observed my 10 month old for a good hour.  My baby was crawling all over the place and she told me to keep my baby crawling for as long as I can.  When she said that, I smiled, but in the back of my mind I was wondering why she said that.  As a parent, the next developmental milestone is for her to be walking.  I know that when developmental milestones are not reached by a given time frame, some parents tend to freak out.

The next time my neighbor was over, I asked her why she told me to keep the baby crawling.  She said that her sister read in a book that the longer the baby crawls the smarter the baby will be.  I had never read or heard of such thing.  Of course I had to go online and do my research to see if this was true.  When I did a general search online, there were tons of information that linked crawling to brain development.  If I had known this information before, I probably would have continued to crawl myself (it would have helped me with high school Calculus).

One site that I found to be helpful had an article from Child Genius Magazine that said that every baby has genius potential.  Moreover, physical activity stimulates brain growth.  The article also advised that parents should not aid in walking because the more the baby crawls and creeps the more brain development will take place.

Wow!  Did you know that crawling babies equalled baby geniuses?  I didn’t.  Currently, my baby is crawling like an athlete, so I will continue to let her to do what she knows best.  I have never been a fan of aiding in walking because when the time is right she will do it on her own and on her time.  For now, it’s good to know that her crawling benefits her own brain development!

Jun 2
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I have been using Hugo’s Naturals shampoo in Vanilla & Sweet Orange since its arrival at Whole Foods.  Since I am always at Whole Foods, one of my favorite spots that I always hit is the Nutrition Department, where they also carry skincare and beauty products.  One day last year, I was walking through that department and was looking for the perfect shampoo.  I ran out of the one I had used and I was looking for something that was chemical free and smelled citrusy.  Hugo’s Naturals caught my eye because I had never seen it on the shelves before.  I looked at the packaging and noticed that it didn’t contain any harsh chemicals or sulfates.  Of course then I had to do a sniff test.  I didn’t see any testers, so I looked to my right and my left, and the coast was clear to go ahead and open a new one.  With the first sniff, I was in heaven.  I just wanted to lick it (probably not the smartest thing to do).  I took that very shampoo to the checkout line and purchased it.

With my first use, my hair felt cleaner and softer, and the smell left me feeling like a little girl.  One day my friend came over and she asked me about the shampoo.  When she went to my bathroom, she actually took a look at it and also did a sniff test (she loved the smell of it), and wanted to know if I liked it.  She was also in the market for a new shampoo/conditioner duo.  Until, then it was my little secret.  After sharing the shampoo with my friend, I decided to share it with you because everyone deserves to be pampered the right way!