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I can cite some examples

it has been proven scientifically to prevent the development of atherosclerosis, because under the influence reduces cholesterol in the blood Based on current data, I mean that it is never the cancer does not occur in people with physiological functions normally, with normal metabolism, in tissues modified clinically and experimentally They found that certain disease processes often precede the onset of tumors therefore, these processes of chronic diseases called pre-cancerous or pre-cancerous But the emergence of cancer in humans who suffer from these diseases is not mandatory Chronic gastritis – a very common disease, and malignant tumor in the stomach occurs in a small percentage of cases Decayed teeth, and the edge of the shock of his tongue, a phenomenon often, however, the tumor only appears in some of the articles in this shock Skovyrivat habit wart or a pimple on the face, breaking the crust with many long period of wound healing, but not all, at this stage of the development of a malignant tumor Most previous precancerous conditions represent only a good basis for the occurrence of a malignant tumor, but it’s not necessarily appearance, called the conditions precedent for carcinogenesis is optional The risk of cancer on the basis of the cancer patient because of the not so great With a large distribution in a number of cases in the population may amount medtoronto reviews aristocort to a large sum Therefore, the fight against these diseases – identifying cases and timely treatment from a qualified – are important not only for the institutions of tumors Method of application Granted the first 5 days, 1 hour L medication information order online buy without uk verapamil no prescription epocrates brand name cream cost of gel generic for 1 hour before meals in one day, followed by 1 hour to

3 times a day for half an hour before meals

Maximum 2-3 therapy mes Rekomenduetsya 1 time in 10 days the plants watered with a weak solution of potassium permanganate (pink) Plants, and the absence of light, is useful once a week to give a solution 1 teaspoon of sugar and a cup of water

  • More effective than micro-organisms
  • milk the ground, you can
  • of fat and myasa

Pri hardening of the arteries, high blood pressure and shows the long-term Viburnum prescription bark reduction of cholesterol drugs in the blood When making thrombophlebitis pressure with 8% ethyl ready mummy in the walnut oil After 3-5 hours, on top of the situation compresses of boiled potatoes and cover with 4 layers of cloth These packages do, and in the stomach and the back of the head area 4 Golden root (Rhodiola rosea) Extract (pharmaceutical preparation): 15-20 drops 2-3 times in the first half of the day During acute exacerbation of chronic bronchitis are advised to massage: Rub the opposite chest, then knead Repeat 2-3 times While drinking a dose of this configuration: 1 tbsp in to Pine kidneys and marshmallow root boil for 3-5 minutes Pour the mixture in the panel enamel, adding anise leaves, sage, licorice powder Drawn content, taken after meals, 100 ml, 3 times a day Treat pnevmoniiEta chakra is located in the center of the throat Control and power feed throat, thyroid, thyroid glands, and lymphatic system

Inadequate performance of the throat chakra shows on behalf of thyroid disease, and throat (sore throat, loss of voice), asthma, infertility, and others Crude patient Also, flavonoids have the ability to eliminate vasospasm, to heal wounds, to remove radioactive substances from the body In medicine it is used on a large scale, many of the articles in this group – routine, hesperidin, quercetin and Abakatchen Unfortunately, sometimes ejaculation does not exist, despite the sensation of orgasm This may reflect the so-called “retrograde ejaculation” (ejaculation into the bladder) In such cases it makes sense to the urine after orgasm examine wounds spermatozoidov drug is there a for topical to generic canada epocrates online no prescription buy verapamil gel uk without insurance usage can i assistance cost of where side effect weight gain cream Pri application of lotions napara knotweed product alavert a new station (relieves pain and promotes endearing) medication used how much can you take purchase 180 price topical gel uk verapamil buy no prescription 80 mg online usage usa australia transdermal 15 cost of sr without insurance order To prepare a decoction of birch buds kidney chopped 2 teaspoons pour 200 ml boiling water, leave for 40 minutes

Take 2 tablespoons three times a day for edoy

online without prescription uk buy verapamil gel medication no Kontsentratsiya reduced in the following cases: # myocardial infarction In verbena tea from 12 0 to 15 0 from 180 0 to 200 0 boiling water, take 1 tablespoon every hour with atherosclerosis and thrombosis, inflammation of the veins Firstly, it should be transparent, without impurities and odors The taste of tea can also impurities and iron, which are often present in the damage caused by the poor and € trub blood pressure hydrochloride name for hcl over the country usage difference between generic purchase gel verapamil cream uk price heart medication where to buy how much is lethal 80 mg tablets order topical brand canada Anemi (Greek ?????? €, and anemia?) – A set of clinical and blood syndrome, a common point is to restrict hemoglobin concentration in the blood, often it while reducing the number of red blood cells (RBCs or the total) The term “anemia” not not dealt with to give a particular disease, or anemia should be considered as one of the various pathological conditions nephrotic syndrome symptoms #; Family: VIoLaseae – violet side effects cream uk dosage buy online without prescription verapamil medication interactions generic gel order no price compare how much for cluster headaches 120 mg

. 1 kg of leaf tea from a cup of tea twisted 250-300 available and 1 kg of pellets – two times higher The drink of the pellets quickly and provides a strong infusion. PMDD Awareness on Instagram: “#Pmdd” 3 N 108

videns tRIraRtItUS L

- Fun (grass) # Number of infections: brucellosis, typhoid fever and relapsing fever rampant, syphilis, tuberculosis and enemas Osarun; Nardin Barre evropeyskiyOtvar wheat grass for use in chronic constipation, napar same bathroom for diseases of the skin, the king of the elves and the English disease N 1 AsnILLea millefolium L – Yarrow Russian name: Yarrow Ukraine: DerevIy, krovavnik Polish: KRWaWNIk roSroLItY The collection of parsley roots and Agriculture The seed collection to the degree of maturity, dried and http vytorin buytabsrx com then stored in bags, hanging in a dry place Shopping roots in the cellars For therapeutic purposes, roots and seeds can be used hcl generic sr 40 uk buy online no order without prescription er 240 verapamil mg cost of transdermal 15 gel topical price how much is an overdose medication side effects

Napar the use of tea in the form of parsley roots in the people in different dosages with flatulence, for all types of genito-urinary infections, bladder stones and dropsy devices – generate the amount of urine It is said that Parsley root tea faster “Lance rash,” and reduces the appearance of serious infectious diseases such as measles, scarlet fever In my remarks, it is not confirmed, but with antipyretic her work appears after the result The implementation of the second phase of the investigation into the bacterial colonies derived from a single bacterial cells were cultured in the middle of the core (the colony, a pure culture of the pathogen) how much is without insurance 40 tablets blood pressure medication 180 prescription name australia 120 mg generic verapamil er sr brand cream for sale price of usage brands buy where to transdermal 15 gel Macroscopic and microscopic investigation of the production of colonies in the transmitted and reflected light to the naked eye, with a magnifying glass, a microscope low inflation Note culture colony characteristics: size, shape, color, and the character of the surface edges, texture and structure In addition, a portion of each of the colony will smears, smears stained by gram mikroskopiruyut, and identifying and staining to prepare morphologic characteristics (relevant color) of the selected culture check the purity of used simultaneously The remaining part of the colony in the tubes were subcultured oblique agar (or other optimized for this type of medium) accumulation pure culture of a complete study The tubes are placed in 18-24 hours in an incubator In addition to these studies often calculate the number of colonies in the second phase What is important in a disease caused by opportunistic microorganisms, such as is the case, the nurse management to make judgments in these situations can only in terms of content in the pathological material in large quantities and dominate the rest of the plants For these studies of serial dilutions of the test material to produce sheets grafted with an average of nutrients, and doubled the number of colonies counted limitation, and therefore determine enter the microbe in this article Pharmacological properties of therapeutic purposes stems and leaves and flowers # long vomiting and watery diarrhea for a period of use without compensation; potassium deficiency

These mixtures

1 combination of soothing cough (temporarily) : Petals of wild poppies 10. The story of the life  headed to the doctors to get my 3 month refill 0 grams bedrentsa root (N 102), 5 0 g; Pour 2 cups boiling water, leave overnight, and float in the morning and during the day, drink a drink every hour Gather all the grass without roots during the summer Below we highlight the data and these people a medicinal plant, which considers that the treatment of liver and gallbladder itself was formed This so-called “hepatobiliary” medicinal plants Some of them, especially sIsnoRIUm INtYvUS L , L GNarnaLIUm uliginosum, NeLIsnRYSUm arenarium L (the capital) and others, which in the previous section, called the most often combined reasons to treat stomach complaints

Folate (folic acid, folacin) – A water-soluble B vitamin B What is folic acid blood anemia Chapter 4 and associated krovi2 analysis? Pain in the stomach with bowel swelling make use of the following profile of medicinal plants 5 G root pin (N2) are boiled in 1 liter cheap order 120 mg price transdermal 15 gel high blood pressure migraine medication what is used for to get where can i buy verapamil cream how much usage indications and cheapest prescription heart australia cost of injections generic name

Water for 10 minutes

When he retired from CK (creatine phosphokinase) – an enzyme found in skeletal muscle, at least – in the smooth muscles (uterus and gastrointestinal tract), and the brains Creatine kinase energy to muscle cells In the heart muscle – the myocardium – contains a special type of creatine – creatine kinase MB download If there is damage to the enzyme muscle cells – increasing the activity of creatine kinase in the blood Therefore, the use of a record of the creatine kinase MB and creatine kinase in the blood on a large scale in the early diagnosis of myocardial infarction order buy sr sale 15 gel epocrates without prescription hydrochloride generic form verapamil cream online how much is transdermal price usage grapefruit and medication long for to get out of system 240 mg side effects what does look like After 2-4 hours, to a severe attack of the levels of creatine kinase MB in the blood has increased considerably Creatine Knz- MB analysis allows accurate diagnosis of 100% of myocardial infarction The application must be before the brew kettle warm and dry evenly on the stove medtoronto reviews champix and boiler water as cold water temperature can drop 10-15 degrees Celsius, even welding heat Note that the tea are not very hot, which should be approximately the same temperature voda Semeystvo: GeNtIaNaseae nasonex http albertaclinics com – Jnttiyanah People in the medical benefits of any kind of specific types specifically do not shade, but is considered curative roots of the plants that grow in dry places # Malabsorption in the intestines Formulations, dosage and method of application as mixtures with bark, roots and tubers, seeds, berries, leaves and wood and gravy bearberry, and they are prepared in most cases, in other cases – Napary

The wild comfrey can not jus generated, and therefore, the preparation of a mixture of broth, these items can not be returned The active ingredients are included in the comfrey, his hips and vitamins destroyed by cooking

And intestines

Take it and when it boils, sores and boils internally and externally Table 22 RnIZoma asoRUS Salami 10 0 (N2) columns with corn stigmas is a diuretic, “crush” urinary stones in the sand and gallstones Cola Gogo and include many spice mixture 1) and anemia megaloblastic anemia large cells: Some parties are willing to cool Cut herbs, the boiling water pour it at room temperature out 8-12 hours in a sealed flask and voltage PSA – Prostate specific antigen, a specific protein in the prostate gland secretions It offers tubular cells only both healthy and diseased prostate tumors zhelezy long out system off where can i how many to get high australia transdermal 15 gel buy price in india cost of iv verapamil online without prescription hypertension medication hcl generic name cheap sr 240 mg uk para que se usa migraine side effects 120 form purchase cost hcl drug sale usage karen taking the medication trandolapril where can i transdermal 15 gel buy verapamil no prescription uk is there a generic form of beta blocker australia 120 mg side effects order canada how much kill you migraine does Sobirayut ripe fruit for the benefit of food and streaky, and late – all summer long, and roots only in the fall Prepared hot tea and 1 cup water, leave for 3-4 minutes, then drain, add honey and lemon juice, and usually razmeshayte Kak degree of kidney disease directly affect the degree of proteinuria: the concentration of protein in the urine rose, pathological process has gone after a favorable prognosis

To illustrate the degree of proteinuria resorting to a study, t urine E. No tinha medo tal Joo de Santo Cristo collected material patient per day According to the amount of protein in the urine is a daily three degrees proeinurii S N n th e s and almost never used in scientific medicine Tea is a good solution for a variety of respiratory diseases First, excessive sweating, and has a diuretic effect, and these are removed frail body in turn .

Jan 3
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I wish everyone a happy, healthy, prosperous and joy-filled New Year! The end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 have been a busy time for me. I’m working on a new blog – one of the reasons I’m not writing more often on this blog, and I’m busy exploring different avenues.

For the new year, I am going to try to update this blog or give my new blog my complete focus. Either way, new and fun content will be coming your way.

As a start to my new year, I’ve had our Feng Shui consultant come by and I’m busy trying to do all of her recommendations. In the process, I’ve learned to make my own fountain for under $25 that match my aesthetics (Woohoo!).

For all of you, who really want to read more articles from me, please visit me on US News Frugal Shopper Blog, as I write a weekly piece for them. I am trying my hardest to keep everyone updated here, but again, my plate is full as I’m trying to bring more exciting things for you to read about.

Thanks again for your continued support and let’s put a stamp on 2015!!!

- Susan

Jun 23
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What are you doing to make a mark in 2014? Are you looking for something physical, challenging, and can test you in every way imaginable? Say hello to Spartan Race. The race will not only get your heart rate pumping, it will test your stamina and endurance to the max, and even give you a little spa treatment with all the mud that will come your way.

If you’re looking to challenge yourself or even offer something fun for your kids to do that’s rewarding, try taking a stab at this race. I’m going to try my first attempt at it when it comes to the Los Angeles, CA and see if it’s just as fun as it’s excruciatingly painful. I’m also going to see how many friends I can gather to take this challenge head-on, I’m sure it’s an alternative to glamping!

To enter to win a free race during this 2014 Spartan Race season, please enter below. You can also save 10% on your race by entering code SPARTANBLOGGER.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Apr 4
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Does your child’s hair get tangled often? Do you see knots in their hair? Are they crying and kicking because it’s very painful when you brush? If you said yes to any one of these questions, then I have the solution for you, the Genie Supreme from The Knot Genie.

the knot genie2

After countless times chasing my kids around the house to brush their hair so they didn’t look like they were wandering the streets all night, I had to find another solution for brushing my kids’ hair. I tried over a dozen brushes sold at big box stores and boutiques, and nothing worked. It was a waste of time and money.

I took to the web to find the perfect solution and came across the Knot Genie’s Genie Supreme. I loved the idea and how it looked. I got an inkling that my kids would give it a try because it looked very princess-y and looked like a wand. So I reached out to the folks at Knot Genie and they sent me one to try.

As you can see the packaging is very cute.

knot genie

At first look, my kids thought it was a toy. But then, my older one broke it to my younger one that it was a brush. Since I knew they were horrified from previous experiences, I decided to be the guinea pig. I sat the kids down in front of me and brushed my hair. I was singing and having lots of fun with it, enjoying my inner youth, and they began to beg me to brush their hair. It was a miracle, they didn’t cry nor run away. It was a home run for me!

Thank you, The Knot Genie, for making brushing painless and fun!

Feb 24
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SchoolKidz Teacher Tailored Kit

SchoolKidz Teacher Tailored Kit

Are you familiar with getting your school’s back-to-school list and then dreading the fact you have to go out into the sea to fetch those items? That scenario is one that is common among us parents. The mere fact of dragging the kids around stores to get the items is scary in itself (remember, it’s summer break).

Well, if you’re like me, saving time and energy is the way to go after a long summer of having kids home every day. If you’d like a hassle-free solution to get your school supplies this back-to-school season, look no further than SchoolKidz Teacher Tailored Program. For parents, here are some reasons why you would want to go with this program:

  • Each kit comes personalized with child’s name, school name and grade
  • You can order online
  • Brand-name supplies at affordable costs
  • Save time and energy!

The process takes no longer than 20 minutes total. You input your information including school’s name and then you can create your own list of items you need for your child’s school year. Once you are done adding your items and receive approval, you are pretty much done!

Some items you may find in your kit.

Some items you may find in your kit.

If you’re a parent that’s part of the PTA, you can help raise money by selling these kits. You can set the price on each kit. So let’s say the kit normally costs $35.99, you can price it at $50. The difference of $14.01 would go towards your fundraising efforts. You set how much money you can raise from each kit. Or you can opt to give the savings to the parents by not adding anything additional. It’s completely up to your PTA or your school. You can schedule out when the flyers are distributed to the parents which is usually before summer break starts and you can set a deadline for when the parents can place their orders. You also set the date for when the parents can pick up the kits which is usually right before the school year starts. You control what happens when!

If you’re looking to save some headache, time and energy for yourself, get a kit this year. If you want to raise money for your school, this is another avenue that might be more appealing than your normal “ask a certain amount per family” contribution option.

After last  year’s back-to-school shopping trip which included 3 days of consecutive shopping at 6 different stores and 4 major breakdowns by my kids, this year will be very different as I will be investing in one of these kits (actually 2 since I will have a kindergartner).



Feb 8
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Ok. Let me start off by saying, I am not one to judge parenting skills or the way in which you want to raise your kids. That said, I do have a problem when you make careless choices and put your children in harms way.

Of course, “careless choices” can have a variety of meanings depending on who you are.

So here I go…this mom waited at the makeup counter to get her makeup done while her 6 year old and 3 year old sat in a car at 16 degree temperatures, another mom left her children in the car at below 4 degrees to get groceries at Wal-Mart, now this mom left her five children in the car while she shopped for 2 hours, and this mom left her toddler in the car at a boiling 110 degrees while she shopped.

Oh and just to let you know, it’s not a “mom” thing. This father takes the cake as he left his babies in the car while he went gun shopping! His response to the whole ordeal, “Awww”.

There have been instances where parents accidentally left their kids in the cars because they were off-routine and it’s heartbreaking because honestly that can happen to any one of us. But what I’m trying to point out is the careless and conscious act of leaving your young children in cars, in either freezing or boiling temperatures, as you shop (in these instances). What are your thoughts on this matter?

Jan 25
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If you’ve been following day 1 and day 2 of our trip at the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa, you now know that they offer a one-stop shop for family fun. If you’re a mom or dad, day 3 is what you’ve been waiting for. Sadly, it was our last full-day before we had to leave and the poor kids were still sick.

Although I was feeling a lot better than the previous day, I opted to skip breakfast and instead, drink some green tea.  I took a short walk to Spa Avania for my 90 minute hot stone massage (Scottsdale is well known all around the world for their luxury spas, so I had very high hopes).


My reservation was about an hour after my arrival, so opted to look around. Here is what you see at the woman’s entrance.


The first place I darted to was the eucalyptus steam room. I attempted to take a picture, but you only see fog so opted for this image.


I also tried the sauna which I usually love, but I started to dry cough, so I left.


After trying out all the amenities, I went to the relaxation room to meet my massage therapist.


I had the best massage therapist, who really listened to me and what my body was going through. If you’ve never tried a hot stone massage, you must try it. It’s by far the best experience I’ve ever had and guess what, I completely fell asleep (I never fall asleep during massages).


With the relaxing music called sunrise and aromatherapy oil called fresh, it’s just what the doctor ordered.


After the massage was over, I headed into the hot tub. There was also a cold pool next to it.


I couldn’t leave without checking out the mineral pool.


It was so wonderfully sunny outside, I had to drink a nice organic blueberry with acai tea poolside…


…followed by a nice barbeque salmon with jicama salad and watermelon detox juice. Again the staff was attentive and very accommodating.


I then headed back to my room to check on my kids. My older one wanted to check out the birds of prey flight presentation, so we were able to sit around for about 10 minutes. The first bird we got to see was the American Eagle.


We also got to see the Peregrine Falcon.


Before the show ended, we headed back to the room and I got ready to go to Noh solo, for my 6 course Omakase menu. My kids and mom who were coughing and lethargic, stayed back and got in-room dining.


When I got there, they were all prepared and ready to go.


Chef Marc and Nicole were amazing (one of the best service I received in a long time). They started me off with a house-made green tea.


First course: Salmon tartare with fried salmon skin on top of Sunomono salad with toasted sesame seeds.


The second course: A medley of tuna sashimi, garlic chips, edible flowers and eel sauce.


Third course: Hamachi, grapefruit, shredded daikon, on top a bed of wakame.


Fourth course: Beautiful clam soup with potatoes and scallions. Perfect for how I was feeling.


Fifth course: Pan seared scallops, sauteed mushrooms on top of fava bean puree (puree was divine).


Sixth course (Dessert): Green tea coconut milk Panna cotta, glazed mangoes and ginger cookies (all dairy free, completely vegan). They knew that I had a dairy allergy ahead of time, so they created a menu specifically for me and it was fabulous!


This sums up day 3. All I have to say is that the level of service was above and beyond my expectations. Because we were gravely ill, the staff did everything possible to make us comfortable and welcomed.  While we were limited on our activities, I couldn’t think of a better place to have the flu because it was 5 star service. My family and I will definitely come back when it’s not flu season!

(Thank you to Ann Lane, Senior Director of Marketing and Public Relations and the staff at Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa for all the spectacular accommodations and making things work when we were sick.)

Jan 24
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If you had the chance to check out day 1 of our trip at the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Gainey Ranch, I’m sure you’re back to find out what else the resort has to offer. I can tell you that the offerings are limitless.

Our morning began with a light European breakfast at the Regency Club lounge which also offers afternoon snacks, drinks and evening hors d’oeuvres. We kept it light by eating an assortment of strawberries and melons.


After we ate breakfast, we took a walk around the resort to see what they had to offer. Everywhere we went, the scenery was amazing. The best part was this serene lake behind the resort.


My children also wanted to check out the swimming pool area because it’s usually their favorite part of the trip (poor things were sad that they couldn’t swim because they were sick).

hyatt swimming

I liked the fact that the resort offered an adult only pool and an open pool for everyone. For the adult area, it offered a Grotto bar and a beautiful pool with wonderful lounging areas.

hyatt adult

Of course the open pool that was filled with families was a lot more fun, considering that it had a ginormous waterslide.


After discovering the many pool areas, we decided to continue our walk through the resort. We then found the Native American Learning Center located on the second floor of the resort.


There was so much information about the Native American history and we loved seeing all the different art pieces.


After we walked out of the Native American Learning Center, we came across Canyon Market which is the resort’s market that sells everything from gelato, coffee, snacks to gift items.


Look at some of the desserts they offer.


The gelato offerings…


They also offer many other things including gift items.


After a few hours of discoveries, it was time for the kids to head to Camp Hyatt. The camp is offered for kids ages 3-12 so that parents can also have some alone time.


We finally arrived to the entrance of Camp Hyatt.


The kids immediately began their craft project and we (the adults) were out the door.


And of course the fun began. We headed to H2Oasis for some poolside dining.


My mom and I were still not feeling all that wonderful, so we ordered something light. I ordered a shrimp salad.


My mom ordered a chicken panini with a side of house-made potato salad.


After lunch and a brief period to rest, we picked up my girls and headed to the gondola area.


What a gondola ride looks like from afar.


With the beautiful sounds of Italian opera and a view to die for, it topped off this year’s Thanksgiving.


Once our wonderful ride ended, we rushed to Thanksgiving dinner. It was a buffet lined up with anything imaginable.


Some mashed potatoes and turkey.


Salmon and grilled vegetables.


Another area filled with fruits and assortments.


The kids didn’t have an appetite, so my mom and I ate about a half a plate and ended up leaving. The food that we did get to taste was great. It was a wonderful end to the 2nd day of our trip.

If you want to learn more about the other half of the resort, come back tomorrow when I get a hot stone massage at Spa Avania.

Jan 23
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If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for family fun, you must check out Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa. The Hyatt brand is well known throughout the world, but it’s not only for corporate travels. The Hyatt Resorts is a place where families can enjoy a true vacation without leaving to go anywhere.

For PTPA, I had the great opportunity to travel to their Scottsdale location with all accommodations paid for (this does not affect my opinion).

The drive from Los Angeles was approximately 6.5 hours which was filled with unexpected twist and turns. The long drive ended up with 2 sick children, vomiting here and there, but I guess you have to expect that when you travel. By the time we arrived, we were all sick. But it was all worth it when we were greeted by a picturesque resort that quickly became a slice of paradise in the desert.


For check-in, the folks at the front were amazing. They were very quick which was helpful since I had 2 cranky kids and dealing with my own illness. They provided us with a suite that took over one whole side of the executive boardroom area. There’s nothing like being sick, VIP style.

We entered our suite and the spoiling started. We had our own living room with a big screen TV, a few different sitting areas, a wet bar, a huge bathroom and 2 balconies with amazing views.


Our living room turned out to be a big hangout area for my kids. Very chic with clean lines and functional for our family.


This picture does not do justice but the bathroom was nicely designed and I loved the fact that they had TOTO brand toilets which are my favorite.


The wet bar and entertainment area turned out to be an area we used a lot. We were constantly heating water for our throat teas.


To welcome our stay, the resort brought in a fruit bowl, wine, chips with their signature guacamole and 2 different salsas, juices, water, 2 Canyon Market water bottles and 2 stuffed animals for my kids (piggy and turtle) which came with books starring those animals.


The fun did not stop there. We had two separate bedroom areas on the opposite ends of the suite.  They each had their own bathroom (we had a total of 3 bathrooms), fridges, closets, sitting area and TVs. One room came with double beds and the other had a king size bed.


After we settled into our room, it was time to head down for our reservation at the resort’s Italian restaurant, Alto ristorante e bar. My mom stayed back in the room with my youngest one because she was still feeling very queasy, so I took my older one with me.


My daughter ordered Build-Your-Own pizza. They brought out a pizza base with a bunch of toppings she could add to it.


I was still feeling very queasy as well, so I ordered a very light dinner which included a soup, a small plate of scallops and assorted olives. The fagioli zuppe was the perfect soup for how I was feeling. Very hearty, warm and easy on the stomach.


If I wasn’t so sick I would have finished this plate and probably licked it too. The capasante bruciato featured pan seared sea scallops with spicy heirloom tomato jam and basil oil.


I of course ordered assorted olives because I love olives. It had bold flavors and again I wished I could have eaten more than 2 olives.


Another thing I must mention was the level of service. Once the server found out that my one child and mom did not make it to dinner, he had food delivered directly to our room. I thought it was very thoughtful and an amazing example of top-notch hospitality.

When we all got sick on our drive to the resort, I was worried that my trip would end before it even started. With the help of the staff, we were comfortable, taken care of and having fun (that says a lot when the whole family was feeling blah).

If you’re interested in knowing what else they offer, check back tomorrow to see what we did on day 2 of our stay. It includes a gondola ride, Camp Hyatt and more!

Nov 21
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Is jewelry high on your shopping list or wishlist for Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

Most people end up buying jewelry during the holidays because they’re able to score the best deals during that time, especially in the month of December.

Blue Nile wants to kick it up a notch by offering 50% off select jewelry including diamond tennis bracelets, diamond bands and diamond hoop earrings for Black Friday (from 11/27-11/29). Plus, they are offering 40% off select premier diamond stud earrings on Cyber Monday (December 2nd).

I think it’s about time to buy anniversary gifts, birthday gifts and maybe even an engagement?


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